We are more than 100.000 young people, volunteering to make politics and therefore actively participate in shaping our own future. With our local, district and federal organisations we are represented on all political levels. Our goal is to make sustainable politics for young people: Uncomplicated, modern and open to everyone who wants to join as well – whether for pupils, students, apprentices, employees or self-employed!

Forum Junges Europa

The task force “Forum Junges Europa” provides interested members of JVP the opportunity to get in contact with international politics and establish a network throughout Europe. Our members organise events regarding international topics in Austria and represent Junge ÖVP abroad.

If you’re interested in becoming part of Forum Junges Europa just fill in your email address and we will stay in touch!

Our umbrella organisation


YEPP is the youth organisation of the European People’s Party. They bring together 62 Centre-Right youth political organisations from 43 countries all over Europe. Founded in 1997, YEPP has developed into the largest political youth organisation in Europe. Apart from being active within the structures of their mother party the EPP, they are committed in a number of other international arenas. One of their main objectives is to maintain good contacts within their political family, provide ground for training, discussion and cooperation and prepare the younger generation to lead tomorrow’s Europe. This runs parallel to their mission to stimulate further integration in Europe, to uphold their principles, policies and ideas in the European political debate.

Vice President of YEPP
Sophia Kircher
Representative of Junge ÖVP to YEPP

Our umbrella organisation


Junge Alpenregion is an umbrella organisation for conservative youth organisations in the alpine area. Their goal is to force communication between different organisations in the alps. Members of Junge Alpenregion are the district associations Upper Bavaria, Munich, Lower Bavaria, Upper Palatinate and Swabia of Jungen Union Bavaria, the provincial organisations Carinthia, Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Salzburg, Styria, Tyrol and Vorarlberg of Junge ÖVP (Austria), Junge Generation (South Tyrol), Jugendunion (Liechtenstein), Junge CVP (Swiss), Slovenska Demokratska Mladina and Mlada Slovenija (Slovenia) as well as the youth of Partito Autonomista Trentino Tirolese.

President Junge Alpenregion Alexander Attensberger
Junge Alpenregion

Please do not hesitate to contact us for questions regarding our international agenda!

Dominik Berger

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